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Phil Neville

England Women, 2018-Present

“I went for the interview, got the job, and then that’s where your mind goes from one side to the other. One is really excited and then the other side is, what am I going to be like as a manager? Are they going to listen to me? Are they going to enjoy my style? Is my philosophy good enough to be an England manager to win a World Cup?”

It came as a surprise to many when former Manchester United and Everton player Phil Neville was named as the new head coach of the England Women’s team in January 2018. For him, though, it was the opportunity he’d been waiting for – the chance to have his own team.

With a Women’s World Cup on the horizon, and a team that had reached the semi finals of the Women’s Euros only six months earlier, Neville was taking on a role that came with high expectations. In this exclusive interview with The Coaches’ Voice, he discusses his initial reservations about the job, the approach he has taken to managing the group and why his sister Tracey, head coach of the England Netball team, was instrumental in him becoming head coach of the Lionesses.

Phil Neville

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