Photography by Jon Enoch

Slavisa Jokanovic

Fulham FC, 2015-2018

“I am not so much an aesthetic man. I want to be competitive and I want to win all the points. In which way is less important.”

In an exclusive interview with The Coaches’ Voice, Fulham manager Slavisa Jokanovic discusses his difficult first six months at the club and how he tried to implement a style of football that would work best for the players at his disposal. He also explains why he sees style as being secondary to results.

“We build the style. The style before us didn’t exist. This is clear.

When we came to this place we observe what we have in our hands. At the beginning, this first six months was complicated months for us. We didn’t find a clear way of how we were going to play in this period where we are fighting through a difficult period for the team.

At the end in the second season, where we start pre-season with a new team – with new players – step by step we try and find it clear way, and try to find a way for build some kind of style. At the end, it’s recognised we play good football, we have great style and we believe in this direction it’s easier way for this group of players for win the game.

For me it’s important my players is satisfied and believe this is the right way. At the end, my players believe this is best for them. That the team play in this way, what we try play actually right now or last season.

I understand in the football it’s only important results. At the end of the game people is looking who win, who lost or who drew the game. What we believe in this way what we chose, this group of players can find the benefit and can win the game in an easier way than if we decide to play in a different way.

Only what I want is to win the game. I am not so many aesthetic man. In general, I want to be competitive and I want to win all the points, but I want to do what I can to do it. In which way, it’s less important.”

Slavisa Jokanovic


Slavisa Jokanovic

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