Photography by Shamil Tanna

Ian Holloway

Blackpool, 2009-2012

“Football is beautiful everywhere. You haven’t got to play it one way”

When Ian Holloway arrived at Blackpool in May 2009, almost an entire year had passed since he’d left his previous job as manager of Leicester City, who had been relegated to the third tier of English football for the first time in their 124-year history following a draw with Stoke City. Speaking exclusively to The Coaches’ Voice, Holloway explains how he used those 12 months to reassess his approach to management, and to work on a new philosophy of attacking football.

He also discusses the way he implemented it at Blackpool, and how it resulted in their fairytale promotion to the Premier League. Blackpool not only unexpectedly earned promotion to the Premier League, they almost remained there playing that same, attacking football, and became widely admired as they did so.

Ian Holloway

Michael Appleton

Cut short

Michael Appleton on starting his coaching career at West Brom and taking the tough route in management via Portsmouth, Blackpool and Blackburn

Ian Holloway

Blackpool were promoted to the Premier League via the playoffs when they overcame Cardiff City. Ian Holloway revisits why it was his team succeeded
Simon Grayson

Defining moment

Simon Grayson on being thrust into management at Blackpool and why he chose to drop down a division to manage Leeds United