Photography by Sergio Cueto

Quique Setién

Barcelona, 2020–

“There have always been footballers who are above systems. Those are the ones we enjoy the most”

If Barcelona were committed to recruiting an external candidate as their new manager, beyond reappointing Pep Guardiola or Luis Enrique, former Las Palmas and Real Betis coach Quique Setién perhaps represented the most fitting that they could have made. As committed to a style focused on possession and technique as he is an admirer of Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets and a disciple of Johan Cruyff, Setién is attempting to rediscover an approach Guardiola, Enrique and the late Tito Vilanova favoured, even if his predecessor Ernesto Valverde had had a period of relative success.

Speaking exclusively to The Coaches’ Voice, Setién revisits his introduction to football, and how his managerial philosophy was honed. A true obsessive is finally working in the job he has most sought.

Quique Setién

Quique Setien

Passion and possession

Former Real Betis head coach Quique Setién on how playing for Atlético Madrid and against Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona influenced his own philosophy as a manager

Quique Setién

Barcelona’s Quique Setien demonstrated admirable tactical expertise to inspire Real Betis to a convincing victory over Espanyol. He revisits

Coach watch: Quique Setién

Quique Setién has overseen his first Clasico as Barcelona manager, against Real Madrid. We assess his influence since succeeding Ernesto Valverde