Photography by Lynne Cameron

Danny Cowley

Lincoln City, 2016-2019

“That connection can be really powerful because it’s not just about 11 players driving a club to success, it’s about a whole group of people”

When Danny and Nicky Cowley arrived at Lincoln City in 2016, the brothers walked in to a club that had lost its most valuable asset – a connection with the fans.

They knew that rebuilding that relationship and creating a team and club that the people of Lincoln could identify with would be crucial if they were to have any success at the then National League side.

Here, in this exclusive piece from The Coaches’ Voice, Danny Cowley explains how he and Nicky went about doing that and why that renewed connection has played a key role in helping to take the club back into the football league and all the way to the quarter finals of the FA Cup in 2017.

Danny Cowley

Danny and Nicky Cowley

The connection

Danny and Nicky Cowley on returning Lincoln City to the Football League, and the giant-killing cup run that ended in a 90-minute chat with Arsene Wenger

Danny & Nicky Cowley

Danny and Nicky Cowley explain the tactics behind their then Lincoln City side’s shock victory over Premier League Burnley FC in the fifth round of the FA Cup in 2017
Anthony Johnson, Bernard Morley

Power of Two

Former Salford City managers Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley on their rollercoaster Class of 92 journey