Photography by Jon Enoch

Lee Johnson

Bristol City, 2016–2020

“I’m my own biggest critic – both when I was a player and now, as a coach”

Bristol City manager Lee Johnson talks exclusively to The Coaches’ Voice about his approach to dealing with the difficult times every manager experiences during their career. He also reveals how growing up with a football manager as a father has helped him in his own journey as a coach.

Lee Johnson

Mark Hughes

From Ewood to the Etihad

Mark Hughes, QPR’s manager that day, revisits what it was like to be in the opposing dugout when Manchester City won the title, and his time with City and Blackburn

Lee Johnson

José Mourinho was still at Manchester United when Lee Johnson inspired Bristol City to a shock victory over them. Johnson revisits their tactics
Gary Rowett

My plan is to be there forever

Gary Rowett – formerly of Derby County, Stoke City, Burton Albion and Birmingham City – discusses his desire to build a long-term culture at his clubs