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CV Academy for clubs

Give your coaches the tools they need to constantly learn and develop. 

Group rates

Discounted group rates are available with the purchase of 5+ annual memberships.

Why coaches love
CV Academy  

Learn From The Best
Gain insight to the world’s best coaches, including courses with Premier League academy coaches and interactive webinars with top-level managers.

Highly Engaging Premium Content 
The production and quality of our content is second to none (or at least we think so!)

Save Time
One thing most coaches are short of is time. Our library of session plans and easy-to-use mobile app allows coaches to filter and find a session in seconds.

Why clubs love
CV Academy   

Raise Coaching Standards 
Coaches are at the heart of your club. Give them the tools they need to learn and improve.
Get Out What You Put In
Invest in your coaches and reap the rewards through more engagement, slicker coaching practices and ultimately a better experience for your players.