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Welcome to Coaches' Voice Academy. Your journey to becoming a better football coach starts here.

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From grassroots to elite

We bridge a gap in the coaching pathway between theory and practice, giving you insider access to the strategies, tactics and career journeys of the world's best football coaches. With a focus on how and why the best coaches consistently achieve better results, we provide the insights you need to raise your coaching game.

Exclusive coaching courses

Enjoy exclusive access to two in-depth video coaching courses each month, delivered by elite professional and academy football coaches with experience at levels including the Champions League, Premier League and La Liga.

Coaches' Voice Live

Join leading football coaches and members of The Coaches’ Voice community in our monthly Coaches’ Voice Live webinars. Watch live on the day, or on demand.

Coaches' Voice Masterclass

Watch the best football coaches in the world, including José Mourinho, Rafa Benitez and Xavi, deliver unique tactical insights in our video library of masterclasses.

One-to-one and small group masterclasses

A series of one-to-one and mini-masterclass video sessions, all delivered by professional coaches. These sessions and practices are
easily adapted to multiple playing areas and suitable for coaches operating at all levels of the game, including grassroots.

Session plans and practices

Download football session plans and practices spanning every phase of player development, from Under-8 through to first team. All CV Academy session plans are designed by UEFA-licensed coaches who specialise in each phase of youth development.

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  • Members enjoy full access to our extensive library of content, available to watch on demand on desktop, mobile or TV.
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From £9.99/month
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Exclusive FREE coaching content!

Get ready for pre-season by taking advantage of our new free-to-view content bundle. Contains sessions from West Ham and Brentford. Possession-themed session plans, a coaching clinic and specialised one-to one coaching.

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